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2019 MFF: 16 Bars

March 01,2019

It’s a well-documented fact that the United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world. But in a jail in Richmond, VA, a new rehabilitation effort is literally singing out. As a means of lifting up the voices of the human stories that are locked away, inmates are encouraged to write and record original music. In a makeshift recording studio located within the jail, four very different imprisoned men collaborate with Grammy-winning recording artist Todd “Speech” Thomas (of the iconic activist hip-hop group Arrested Development) on a recording that reaches into their painful pasts to find ways to open new doors in their futures. Inspiring and hopeful, 16 Bars has a raw and unforgettable honesty.

2019 MFF: Breathe

March 01,2019

Breathe is a race-against-the-clock, white-knuckle thriller about Lucía (Julieta Zylberberg, in a tour-de-force performance), a single mom whose world comes crashing down when she receives an urgent call from her son Mateo’s school. Mateo, who has Asperger’s syndrome, has hit his head and been taken a hospital. In a nervous fit, and attempting to keep her asthma attack under control, Lucía must make her way across the city to find her beloved son, gasping for air however she can. In his sophomore feature, director Arturo Castro Godoy crafts a tense and quiet tale of a despairing mother’s search for her only son in Santa Fé’s hospitals. As her own health deteriorates, superbly shown through the subtle but powerful sound design, Lucía will have to learn that help is all around her, if she is only willing to accept it.

2019 MFF: Dead Pigs

March 01,2019

The lives of five very different people intersect amidst the true story of a stream of thousands of dead pigs found floating in the Yangtze River in modern-day Shanghai. A pig farmer finds his livelihood crumbling before him as his debts pile up. A young waiter puts on a façade to hide his lack of professional success from his father. A salon owner tries to fend off developers who will stop at nothing to buy her family home. A spoiled rich girl finds that her life is lacking emotional depth. An American ex-pat developer spearheads a questionable new project to try to impress his boss. As seen through first-time writer-director Cathy Yan’s observant and eccentric lens, the search for success in an ever-changing world is an elusive thing. A Sundance award-winner, Dead Pigs has taken home Best First Feature awards at Seattle, Philadelphia and Dallas, making this delightfully quirky and satirical look at the rapid modernization of China a true festival darling.

2019 MFF: Eliades Ochoa: From Cuba To The World

March 01,2019

He became known the world over in the late 90s as an original member of legendary Cuban band Buena Vista Social Club, but Eliades Ochoa’s passion for his country’s musical heritage led him to pursue a life dedicated to music much earlier than that: He began by playing his guitar in the streets of Eastern Cuba, then joined a slew of folk groups, until finally the success of Buena Vista Social Club came along. Spreading his love for traditional Cuban folk music was always Ochoa’s main goal, and that love shines through in this new documentary, that narrates his story pulling together rare pictures, archive material and new interviews, preserving not only his incredible journey, but the richness of the musical heritage of his country for generations to come.

2019 MFF: The Best Summer of my Life

March 01,2019

Curro is a kitchen robot salesman who dreams of making it big in the financial world. After a marital crisis, and despite being burdened by debt, he makes a promise he cannot possibly keep: if his 9-year-old son, Nico, gets straight A’s in school, then Curro says he will take Nico on an unforgettable summer holiday. When Nico fulfils his part of the deal, father and son set out on a journey that will change their lives. The Best Summer of My Life is an enchanting comedy about our flights of fancy in showering our loved ones with untold joys. Curro’s greatest gift to Nico is to dream with abandon and yet not forget who he is, bringing a message of resilience and love.

Everybody Knows

March 01,2019

On the heels of his second Academy Award®-winner The Salesman following his first for A Separation, Asghar Farhadi wrote and directed this Spanish-language psychological thriller starring Penélope Cruz, Javier Bardem and Ricardo Darín. The film follows Laura (Cruz) on her travels from Argentina to her small home town in Spain for her sister’s wedding, bringing her two children along for the occasion. Amid the joyful reunion and festivities, the eldest daughter is abducted. In the tense days that follow, various family and community tensions surface and deeply hidden secrets are revealed.

Ruben Brandt, Collector

March 01,2019

A psychotherapist suffers violent nightmares inspired by legendary works of art. Four of his patients, expert thieves, offer to steal the works, since he believes that once he owns them, the nightmares will disappear. He becomes a wanted criminal know as "The Collector". Who will dare to catch him and his gang?

2019 MFF: Botero

March 02,2019

His style is instantly recognizable, his art greatly sought after, and his vision admired all over the world: Colombian legend Fernando Botero is, without a doubt, one of the greatest living artists today. An intensely avid learner and private person, he has never made much mention of his start in provincial Medellín and how he educated himself traveling through Europe–a past that allowed him to pave his way to eventually become El Maestro. In Botero, director Don Millar offers a poetic chronicle of the painter’s life and art. Shot in 10 different cities all over the world, the film digs deep into Botero’s roots to follow his ascent to the pinnacle of the art world, where he has secured himself a permanent position.

2019 MFF: Burning

March 02,2019

A chance encounter morphs into a mystery in Lee Chang-dong’s Burning, a slow-burn examination of anger and obsession where everything is questioned and little is answered. When Jongsu reconnects with childhood friend Haemi, it seems like things are finally looking up for him. But just as quickly as she enters his life, she leaves for a vacation to Africa. When she returns, she’s accompanied by a mysterious man named Ben, who’s confident, charismatic and wealthy — everything the hapless Jongsu isn’t. Then, things take a turn for the strange when Ben confesses a dark secret hobby, one that Jongsu can’t ignore… With Burning, Korean auteur Lee Chang-dong has crafted a mesmerizing narrative about what happens when class conflict and toxic masculinity fuse together. A cinematic puzzle that film aficionados have been utterly transfixed by, Burning became the highest rated film ever on Screen International’s Cannes critics grid, marking it as one of the most enthusiastically loved films of the 2018 Cannes Film Festival.

2019 MFF: Champions

March 02,2019

Marco is an arrogant and ill-mannered basketball coach. After an altercation at work that gets him detained, he is sentenced to community service, forced to work with a team of differently-abled players who generally operate under the eye of kindly old-timer Julio. This funny and smart comedy confronts head on issues of prejudice with a fresh tone.

2019 MFF: Diamantino

March 02,2019

An international soccer superstar loses his special touch and ends his career in disgrace. Searching for a new purpose, he sets out on a cosmic odyssey in search of the source of genius. African refugees, right-wing extremists, fake nuns, and real evil sisters are just some of the folks who Diamantino encounters on his quest for answers. This wild, genre-bending film is full of big idea and surprises, amusing audiences hungry for fresh and punchy stories.

2019 MFF: Domingo

March 02,2019

On an estate in the Brazilian countryside, an upper middle class family gathers to celebrate New Year’s Day, 2003. Politics seems very far away, even though it’s the dawn of a new era: Lula, the politician who rose from the working class to be elected president of Brazil, is just assuming leadership of the country. But this is on everybody’s mind, even if they are not talking about it. Laura, the imposing matriarch, presides over the boisterous company of her two adult sons, spouses, grandchildren, friends of the family, a hunky tennis coach, groundskeepers and kitchen staff. As in any big family, cheerful laughter and alcohol-fueled tension go hand-in-hand, and the particular carnality of the Brazilian culture provides a heightened sense of arousal to the proceedings. A big holiday allows everyone a chance to reflect on their joys and disappointments in life, including the family’s hired help, startled into a new consciousness by Lula’s unexpected ascendancy. Equal parts family and political drama, Domingo is a great reflection on transition and change, all the while taking a sly and subtle look into the classism of Brazilian society.

2019 MFF: Giant Little Ones

March 02,2019

Franky (Josh Wiggins) and Ballas (Darren Mann) are best friends and high school royalty: handsome, stars of the swim team and popular with girls. Franky’s 17th birthday party is coming up and everything seems perfect — except Franky’s parents (Kyle McLaughlin and Maria Bello) are divorcing since Franky’s dad has fallen in love with another man, which Franky is finding difficult to accept. Franky’s party is an all-cool-kids affair, but when a drunken incident suggests that Franky’s discomfort with his father may open some questions about his own sexual orientation, Franky’s bond with Ballas is shattered. Rumors fly throughout school and the truth seems elusive but help for Franky and Ballas arrives from a very unexpected source. Giant Little Ones is a heartfelt coming-of-age story about friendship, self-discovery and the power of love without labels.

2019 MFF: Hidden Man

March 02,2019

Young swordsman Li Tianran is the only survivor of a lethal attack at his martial arts master’s birthday party – a coup devised by one his disciples, Zhu, and a Japanese agent, Nemoto, to take power away from the master. On his long, arduous escape, he makes his way to San Francisco, where he masters both his advanced martial arts and American spycraft trainings. When the young swordsman, now played with enormous charm by Chinese-Canadian superstar Eddie Peng, is sent back to China on a mission, his own conscience won’t let him rest until he returns back home to take revenge on the very men who killed his master. The third and last installment in what has come to be director Jiang Wen’s gangster trilogy, preceded by Let the Bullets Fly (2010) and Gone with the Bullets (2014), is a fast-paced, action-filled epic that keeps the adrenaline rushing and the heart beating fast. With Jiang himself taking on the role of Lan, a sneaky businessman with questionable motives, Hidden Man is a fun, exciting escape into a 1930s China brimful of mystery and action that will definitely leave you wanting for more.

2019 MFF: I Used To Be Normal: A Boyband Fangirl

March 02,2019

The term “fangirl” conjures up a very specific image: young girls bouncing up and down with glee, faces flushed, eyes filled with tears, as high-pitched screams of adoration are unleashed. But what about the girls behind the mania? In I Used to Be Normal: A Boyband Fangirl Story, we’re introduced to four women from three different generations that all share one thing in common: Their lives have been forever changed by their all-consuming love of boybands. With a focus on Backstreet Boys, One Direction, Take That, and The Beatles, Jessica Leski’s colorful documentary is a delightful ode to what it means to love something with all your heart. Taking seriously a subject matter and demographic that is so often mocked, this funny and touching coming-of-age doc will make you want to break out your composition book and glitter pens as you’re taken on a nostalgic journey back to your teenage years.

2019 MFF: Pahokee

March 02,2019

In their last year of high school, students Na’Kerria, Jocabed, Junior, and BJ are excited for what the future will bring. They live in Pahokee, a small rural town on the shores of Lake Okeechobee in the Florida Everglades, and their whole community has their sights and hopes set on them: the next generation they are so proud of, ready to step up and help Pahokee prosper. As they navigate this sweet time between childhood and adulthood in which they get to take part in new freedoms and rituals, heartbreak, adversity, pressure, laughter, and love will be the teens’ constant companions — a roller coaster of feelings that will influence the future they are about to step into in a myriad of ways. Filmmaking duo Ivete Lucas and Patrick Bresnan imbue the screen with the magnificent magic of teenage existence, a time of simultaneous fear and happiness that they have so sensibly and expertly captured in their award-winning short films. Pahokee is a culmination of this expertise and first-hand experience, the crowning achievement in a beautiful series that grants a loving look into a very unique place and its extraordinary people.

2019 MFF: Shorts 1

March 02,2019

Shorts included: Bug, Cured, Hierophany, Me 3.769, The Sea, Two Brothers, The Wrecker Kings.

2019 MFF: Shorts 2

March 02,2019

Shorts include: Liberty, The Electric Chair, Malabar, Marcus, Naysayer, Zenu.

2019 MFF: The Biggest Little Farm

March 02,2019

Filmmaker John Chester and his wife, Molly, a culinary writer, trade city life to start their own farm on a stretch of depleted soil outside Los Angeles. Part of their inspiration is to offer a better, outdoor life for their rescue dog, Todd. Moreover, they want to live in better harmony with nature. Many of us hold similar dreams, but John and Molly put them into action. John chronicles their efforts for more than eight years in this sweeping epic of twists and turns related to the creation of Apricot Lane Farms. Teeming with stunningly beautiful images of flora and fauna—and a pregnant hog that will melt your heart—The Biggest Little Farm is a testament to idealism. For urban viewers, it’s a necessary confrontation with how our food is grown. It’s also a family adventure – like a modern-day Little House on the Prairie – full of suspense and emotion that will leave a lump in your throat.

2019 MFF: The Projectionist

March 02,2019

All his life, Eliseo has brought the magic of movies to the small rural towns in the Dominican Republic countryside via his traveling cinema caravan. When he’s not on the road or putting on a show, Eliseo is entranced by old film reels that he never shows anyone: images of a beautiful young woman he only knows through a projected film reel, a woman whose appearance makes his days brighter and his personal solitude less oppressing. One fateful night, however, the reels are damaged. Eliseo loses the only thing he felt connected to — the projected image of the woman he loves so much. Determined to finally solve the mystery of the obsession that has ruled his waking life, Eliseo heads out for another cinema tour to one of the most remote and poorest of areas in the Dominican Republic, with only a few visual clues to go on. Unexpectedly, a free-spirited young girl bribes Eliseo into helping her escape one particularly dead-end town, and Eliseo is soon in an adventure that is way out of his emotional comfort zone. Along the way, he will learn that hope should never be lost and blood is thicker than water in more ways than one.

2019 MFF: This Is Not Berlin

March 02,2019

17-year-old Carlos doesn’t seem to fit in anywhere: not with his friends, who won’t stop talking about the upcoming 1986 World Cup, and not at home, where no-one understands his biggest passion, his record collection. He spends his days listening to his favorite music and daydreaming about Rita, his best friend’s older sister, fully settled into the monotony of his day to day life. But then, Rita invites him and Gera along to a place Carlos had only dreamed of before: the mythical nightclub Azteca, where neither rules nor limits seem to exist. As Carlos is roped further and further into the punk nightlife scene, he is confronted with drugs, sexual fluidity, and consequences he never saw coming. In This Is Not Berlin, director Hari Sama carefully weaves together a story of two young boys who find sanctuary in the clandestine underground of Mexican nightlife. As Carlos and Gera make their first foray into the world of adults, their worldviews’ are shaken and rearranged anew through the unmistakable lense of post-punk music and rebellion – and emerge more mature and grown up than ever expected.

2019 MFF: With Love (preceded by Duck Duck Goose)

March 02,2019

To everyone around him, Alex seems like a sweet, shy boy in his early 20s with a loving family and a future filled with possibilities. But behind this facade of normalcy, Alex is hiding a troublesome personality. One day, he secretly takes the family car and leaves Quebec to travel to his father’s home in Maine, where, helped by a public sex offender registry and fueled by a stifling anger, he tracks down pedophiles. When his mother and her new husband notice Alex has left home, they set out immediately to follow his trail, trying to understand what could have pushed their son into taking such drastic measures. A quietly affecting, deeply psychological film that doesn’t shy away from asking hard questions, With Love was inspired by the true story of Stephen Marshall, a news story that shook Canadians in 2006. It is the third and final installment in director Marc Bisaillon’s trilogy about the traumatic consequences of silence and guilt.

MET: La Fille du Regiment

March 02,2019

2019 MFF: A Name Without a Place

March 03,2019

Gordon Grafton has never felt the urge to leave his sheltered life in Miami Beach, having everything he could ever need in his hometown. That is, until his twin brother Ivan tragically dies in an accident. At a loss of how to deal with his grief, Gordon finds a travel journal that Ivan left behind and decides to retrace his late brother’s footsteps. This leads him on a journey to the Florida Keys, where he meets a series of offbeat characters, amongst them a young woman trying to hitch a ride to Miami and a narcissistic recluse and his fountain of youth. In this quirky and earnest tale of fateful encounters, director Kenny Riches explores with deadpan humor the transformation of a man in mourning as he uncovers a deeper understanding of fate and his own mortality. As Gordon makes his way through Southern Florida, the bizarre and unexpected adventures awaiting him will change his life forever.

2019 MFF: Dear Son

March 03,2019

Riadh and Nazli are a quiet, peace-loving middle class couple in Tunis, nearing retirement age. Their lives revolve around their only son Sami, who is preparing for his high school final exams and planning for his future. But Sami is suffering from repeated and mysterious migraine attacks, a source of much worry to his parents. Just when Sami finally seems to be getting better, he suddenly disappears, leaving behind a terse note that he has gone to Syria. Filled with dread, Riadh desperately attempts to trace his son’s footsteps and reach him before he makes an irreversible decision. Dear Son is a carefully crafted, honest and emotionally impactful drama about a father’s love, and the life-long balancing act between letting go and protective sheltering.

2019 MFF: Jose

March 03,2019

19-year-old José and his doting mother lead impoverished, working class lives in Guatemala City. They keep themselves afloat with small jobs, selling sandwiches illegally and dashing around the city delivering food to drivers. While his mother devotes all her free time to church, José spends his arranging secret meetings on dating apps. That is, until he meets Luis, a construction worker who makes him question and self-reflect on the quiet suffering he has been enduring all his life. As José discovers a world far more tender and passionate than the culture of violence, sexism and homophobia he has been brought up in, José carefully portrays the clash between a new generation’s evolving attitudes and the traditional culture and beliefs so deeply embedded in Guatemalan society.

2019 MFF: Juanita

March 03,2019

Juanita (Cheddy García) is a Dominican immigrant who has been living illegally in Madrid for some years, but as trouble closes in on her, she flees into hiding in the countryside. There she meets Mariano (played by the always-popular Tito Valverde), a lonely Spanish farmer. One thing leads to another, and Mariano soon brings Juanita out of the shadows as his new life partner! Soon, Juanita pressures Mariano to bring her home for a long overdue trip to Santo Domingo for Christmas. Not only is Mariano visiting a country and culture that is new to him, he is about to experience the adventure of having Dominican in-laws, beginning with Juanita’s skeptical mother (played by La Reina de Bachata, Milly Quezada). With Juanita, a poignant dramedy on immigration, love and survival, director Leticia Tonos rewards us with a beautifully modulated combination of pathos and laughter.

2019 MFF: Los Reyes

March 03,2019

In the oldest skatepark of Santiago de Chile, Plaza de Los Reyes, Fútbol and Chola have established their reign: they are the kings of the park, chasing balls and barking the day away. They are two stray dogs who have won the hearts of the skating teens around them. Fútbol and Chola are the stars of the park, no doubt, and have made history in the lives of those who share it with them. In Los Reyes the voices of youth opens a window into their stories, all from different backgrounds and upbringings, as the dream-like camera playfully follows the canines on their daily runs after balls, donkeys, and scooters.

2019 MFF: Nina

March 03,2019

When her boyfriend William, newly licensed in Denmark as a doctor, is offered a promising job in the remote, beautiful Faroe Islands, Nina moves with him and use the solitude to finally focus on her desire to write for a living. Nina is pregnant with their first child and is initially awestruck by the magnificent Faroese nature. Yet as William devotes himself to his vocation, working long hours at the hospital, Nina begins to feel increasingly isolated in the tiny village, where making new friends has proven difficult, and she begins to feel her only companions are the tall mountains and endless ocean that surround her. Nina discovers the mysterious old Faroese myth of the Seal Woman, and her fascination with it grows to an obsession. She finds comfort in the company of the handsome local priest, Fríði, and suddenly Nina can see connections forming between the myth, her own life and the burning feeling of loneliness.

2019 MFF: Off The Rails

March 03,2019

It’s the early 1970s in South Florida, not long after the “summer of love”: The Age of Aquarius, social growth, political awareness and unrest. Best friends Chris, Liam and Manny float happily through the youth-fueled counter culture. As lovable as they are inept, the three friends decide to open their own bar without any knowledge or experience, and the good times mix with sheer folly. Off the Rails is a spirited and energetic comedy tinged with the warm afterglow of nostalgia, and easily one of the most feel-good movies in this year’s Festival.

2019 MFF: Shadow

March 03,2019

In Pei, a kingdom ruled by a young and unpredictable king (Zheng Kai), everyone has their own scheme. Most of all the military commander (Deng Chao), who is a brave and accomplished warrior on the battlefield, but has to face peril inside the palace walls too. He has a secret weapon, however: his “shadow,” a look-alike who can deceive both Pei’s enemies and the King himself. As he prepares to triumph over a rival kingdom for control of the city of Jing, the commander hatches an intricate plan unlike any seen before, leading up to a combat of indescribable consequences. Taking inspiration from the centuries-old Chinese tradition of ink-wash painting, director Zhang Yimou invokes a stunning color palette of pale whites, greys and ink-dark blacks. Yimou crafts a grand tale of epic battles and deadly decoys. With his experienced touch and clear vision, he weaves together a magnificent world of blood, secrets, and conspiracies that will leave you utterly breathless.

2019 MFF: Socrates

March 03,2019

Socrates is a 15-year-old boy living a hardscrabble life on the margins of São Paulo. After his mother’s sudden death, he finds himself alone and without any kind of support. As Socrates searches for a new sense of family, he learns on a whole new level what being an adult is all about. Socrates’ story might have made for a sad story — except Socrates is a resourceful, proud and determined young man with an inspirational sense of fortitude. The amazing distinction of this film, produced by Ramin Bahrani, is that Socrates was entirely co-written, produced and acted by real at-risk teenagers from local low-income communities, with the support of UNICEF.

2019 MFF: The Good Girls

March 03,2019

Sofía (Ilse Salas) is accustomed to the high life: tailored designer gowns, country club outings with the girls, and servants who wait on her hand and foot. Her biggest problem in life stems from a “new money” woman who is trying to worm her way into her social circle, much to her displeasure. That is, until her charmed life is threatened by Mexico’s 1982 economic crisis. In The Good Girls, what starts off as a polished look at the lives of the upper crust soon turns into a delicate satire of one woman’s refusal to shed her perfect façade as life as she knows it slowly crumbles around her. Sofia never has a single hair out of place, an immaculate image that is mirrored by the endlessly chic 1980s costumes and set design on display in writer-director Alejandra Márquez Abella’s sophomore feature.

2019 MFF: The Most Beautiful Couple

March 03,2019

Malte and Liv are a young German couple in love and on vacation on a beautiful Spanish island. A chance encounter with three drugged up teenagers leads to a shocking and brutal attack. But this is not what the intelligent, complex The Most Beautiful Couple is about. Malte and Liv survive the attack and remain together, finding an amazing strength in each others’ support. After two years of therapy and recovery, they are finally ready to move on with their lives — but at that very turning point, Malte recognizes one of their attackers on the street, his rightful anger and a longing for justice awaken on him a thirst for vengeance. Thus begins a complex story about revenge, intimacy and trust. In his blind eagerness to follow the man responsible for his and Liv’s trauma, Malte puts his marriage, rebuilt with such care and on such fragile ground, to the test once more.

Moulin Rouge!

March 03,2019

Baz Luhrmann (The Great Gatsby), directed this dazzling spectacle, which won Oscars® for art direction and costumes. Ewan McGregor is a young writer who falls in love with charismatic cabaret performer Nicole Kidman at Paris’s legendary Moulin Rouge. Though set at the turn of the 20th century, the music performed is modern, with covers of songs by David Bowie, Queen and Elton John. (“And you can tell everybody that this is your song…”) Rated PG-13

2019 MFF: Apollo 11

March 04,2019

The story of the man’s first trip to the moon in 1969 has been told in many versions, but this stunning new documentary, drawing upon never before seen NASA footage, brings a level of drama and suspense that makes it feel brand new. Transpiring over nine days, the trip sent three astronauts — Michael Collins, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong — on a trip no one had taken before. Each stage of the mission was death-defying and required precise execution both in space and on the ground. Director Todd Douglas Miller uncovered a trove of 65 mm footage from the NASA archives that had largely been forgotten. The gorgeously restored footage captures not only the rocket ship, but also throngs of visitors to Cape Canaveral, a precious time capsule of South Florida history. In a recent Vanity Fair article about the making of the film, Neil Armstrong’s son Rick said, “The combination of the footage quality and the way it was edited made me feel like I was watching it in real time.”

2019 MFF: Hotel Mumbai

March 04,2019

Featuring a star-studded cast led by Armie Hammer and Dev Patel, Hotel Mumbai tells the harrowing true story of the 2008 Mumbai terrorists attack on the famed Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. Not for the faint of heart, writer-director Anthony Maras’ expertly crafted debut feature throws the viewer headfirst into the chaos. Utterly riveting from start to finish, this is a film where every frame is packed with tension. No breaks are given, and no moment is free from overwhelming emotion. But most importantly, every frame is touched by an extreme breadth of empathy. With a keen focus on Chef Oberoi and waiter Arjun, who put their lives on the line to keep the hotel guests safe, this is a story of everyday heroes that reminds us of the power of people coming together in the face of unimaginable horror.

2019 MFF: Journey To A Mother's Room

March 04,2019

Estrella (Lola Dueñas) has raised her daughter Leonor (Anna Castillo) to be a fine young woman, and it’s always been just the two of them. Now that she is entering adulthood, Leonor wants to leave home and explore life, but she’s afraid to disappoint her mother. When the pressure of being a dutiful daughter becomes too much, Leonor makes an impulsive choice that leaves Estrella no choice but to let her go, and adjust to the next part of her life with an empty nest. Journey to a Mother’s Room is a film about attachment and the need for distance as we negotiate the tremendous complexities of blood ties and familial love. It is a film that reminds us that all of life begins with a mother’s heartbeat.

2019 MFF: Miami Basel: Art's Winter Playground

March 04,2019

It was the year 2002 when Miami Beach welcomed the arrival of Art Basel with arms wide open, a bright and invigorating breath of fresh air for Miami’s cultural landscape, which had for so long been described as a stagnant, unexciting wasteland in the art world. Art Basel turned out to be a game changer, having enormous economic, social, and cultural repercussions that have transformed all of South Florida. Miami Basel: Art’s Winter Playground explores the origins of the fair, going as far back as the ’80s and ’90s to paint a picture of the disheartening art scene in Miami in those days. Art collectors, curators and politicians explain the true stroke of genius it was, and the sheer force-of-will it took, to bring the world’s most famous art fair to Miami Beach — and how this one outlandish idea was all it took to conjure up a cultural phenomenon that has grown well beyond a single fair and into an arts happening that brings the entire art world to a single location for a week.

2019 MFF: Notti Magiche

March 04,2019

Three young aspiring screenwriters – working-class Luciano, scholarly Antonino and bourgeois Eugenia – are summoned to Rome as finalists in a national competition sponsored by the Italian film industry’s old guard. The boozy evening carries on and on, with the actual award seeming like an afterthought to the assembled aging eccentrics hanging on to the dying lights of the Golden Age of the Italian film industry. But when one of the venerable old movie producers turns up murdered at the end of the evening, the police turn to the young upstart screenwriters as their prime suspects. As they are questioned over the course of the night, each writer elaborates on their own fantastical version of what happened on that fateful night. Virtuoso director Paolo Virzì seamlessly blends comedy with mystery in this hilarious romp that embraces the best traditions of the Italian Golden Age, while making a pointed satire about the way the Italian youth of today are straightjacketed by an immovable inertia of their flailing elders. A hoot from start to finish, Notti Magiche will have you crying from laughter one moment and sitting on the edge of your seat the next.

2019 MFF: The Tomorrow Man

March 04,2019

Retiree Ed Hemsler (John Lithgow) spends his quiet days watching the news, checking internet forums, and preparing for the end of the world. As a self-proclaimed “prepper,” Ed is constantly making arrangements for the future, often at the expense of things in the here and now — such as his waning health and his strained relationship with his adult son. But then he spots Ronnie Meisner (Blythe Danner) and knows there is something different about her. The two form an unlikely bond and are happy together despite their combined emotional baggage — until, one day, it all spills out before them. In his debut feature, writer/director and cinematographer Noble Jones candidly explores modern society’s unacknowledged fear of aging and the erroneous assumption that getting older means losing control. John Lithgow and Blythe Danner wholeheartedly embody Ed and Ronnie’s divergent yet complementary convictions about life and love. And as these two headstrong characters learn to embrace one another’s quirks, they also learn to accept each other’s outlook on what tomorrow holds.

2019 MFF: An Affair

March 05,2019

Anita, a middle-aged, upper middle-class woman, has just taken a temporary job at a high school in an affluent suburb of Oslo — mostly out of boredom in her childless marriage to a busy, inattentive lawyer. She is caught completely off-guard when Markus, one of her students, pursues her sexually, and in a moment of vulnerability Anita gives in to him. For Markus, it is a casual one-time conquest to fulfill his curiosity of sex with an older woman. But for Anita, it triggers a romantic obsession and a quest for a furtive relationship with Markus, who is now the one bewildered by her attentions. A mid-life crisis such as Anita’s has rarely been captured with the degree of emotional incisiveness of Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken’s new film. There’s a breathtaking suspense to how swiftly these realistically nuanced characters act on both their fears and their impulses, and there’s never a moment where we are not fully invested in Anita and Markus’ respective fates. An Affair explores the degree to which unfulfilled sexual need — and inability to even speak about it — has the capacity to destroy.

2019 MFF: Ash

March 05,2019

What could a hotheaded, West China working class laborer and a celebrated, high-society physician have in common? Ten years after a murder investigation that he was never able to resolve, a Chongqing detective is determined to find out. In this riveting tale of morality, class, revenge and guilt that is reminiscent of Hitchcock’s classic Strangers on a Train, the three men circle each other in a twisted web of intrigue, lies and violence. In only his second feature, director-to-watch Xiaofeng Li brilliantly employs the crime/film noir genre to craft a superbly suspenseful, visually stunning and enticing thriller about the mysterious and dangerous lengths that people will go to in order to protect their deepest and darkest secrets.

2019 MFF: Buy Me A Gun

March 05,2019

A retelling of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn that plays both with gender and the notion of adventure tales, Buy Me a Gun is set in the near-future of Mexico where women are disappearing and children are being abducted with frightening impunity. A young girl named Huck wears a mask to hide her gender as she helps her dad, a tormented addict, take care of an abandoned baseball camp in service to a gang of narcos who use it for recreational purposes. With the help of her friends, a group of lost boys who have the power of camouflaging themselves in the windy desert, Huck has to fight to overcome her reality and to defeat the local capo. All given a hallucinatory texture by director Julio Hernández Cordón’s famously stunning visual inventiveness, Buy Me a Gun creates a dark world where fear rules and violence is routine.

2019 MFF: Following You

March 05,2019

Navigating the power dynamics of high school can be a complex and brutal process, especially if, like Marcos, you don’t quite fit in with the rest of your classmates. He likes collecting insects, which is very different from collecting erotic videos shot in the bathroom, which is what Yorman does. The two of them would never even interact if it weren’t for Maryuri, the girl they both like. But she is also the reason Marcos falls off the deep end, adding harassment to the bullying he is already experiencing in an attempt to get her attention. In Following You director Carmen La Roche offers a candid exploration of a phenomenon that deeply affects contemporary teenagers: sexting and bullying.

2019 MFF: Helmet Heads

March 05,2019

Motorcycle messenger Mancha lives the good life, enjoying the camaraderie of his workmates as they carouse around the streets of San José, Costa Rica, and hookups with his girlfriend, Clara. That is, until a sudden and massive layoff at the motorcycle company ends the party, and Clara announces she is moving to Isla Caballo, where motorbikes are not permitted. Faced with the reality of losing his job and his love, Mancha will have to reach deep within to lead his motley group of misfits, dodging usual and unusual obstacles, to find a way to triumph without even holding any cards. It’s been five years since writer-director Neto Villalobos debuted his unique and wry comic sensibility in his Miami Film Festival-supported All About the Feathers. The wait has been worth it: a quirky comedy that mines new richness out of Villalobos’ questions about friendships, hopes and what constitutes “manliness.” Like its charming heroes, Helmet Heads carves its own deliriously non-conformist path.

2019 MFF: Shorts 3

March 05,2019

THE FOLLOWING SHORT FILMS SCREEN BACK TO BACK AS A COLLECTION, FEATURING: Diva & Astro, How I Got To The Moon By Subway, Nocturnal Creatures, Raymonde Or The Vertical Escape, Shadow Cut, Six Degrees of Immigration, Val.

2019 MFF: The Infiltrators

March 05,2019

Claudio Rojas is suddenly detained by ICE officials outside his own home, and immediately imprisoned at the Broward Transitional Center, a Florida facility employed as a holding space for impending deportations of immigrants who have come into the country illegally. Claudio’s family, terrified and at a loss of what to do, is pointed in the direction of the National Immigrant Youth Alliance (NIYA), an organization made up of activist DREAMERS. As they work on stopping Claudio’s deportation, NIYA uncovers the truth about the complex workings of the for-profit institutions that detain hundreds of immigrants without trial. A look into the horrid reality of an Obama-era immigration detention system, The Infiltrators is a based-on-true-events hybrid documentary-fiction film, providing important and powerful commentary on the awful conditions immigrants face while unfairly detained and holding no power over their future.

2019 MFF: The Mustang

March 05,2019

Inspired by true events and executive produced by Robert Redford, the directorial debut of French actress-turned-director Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre is a mesmerizing character study of a longtime prisoner who struggles to escape his past and rediscover his humanity. Best known for his roles in acclaimed international films Bullhead and Jacques Audiard’s Rust and Bone, Matthias Schoenaerts stars as Roman, the tightly wound convict freshly out of solitary confinement at a maximum security prison in the Nevada Desert. Academy Award-nominated Bruce Dern is the no-nonsense horse trainer that spots Roman’s potential and recruits him into his rehabilitation program learning to train wild mustangs. He is paired with an unbreakable horse that challenges his own raging emotions and forces him to control himself and redirect the turbulent narrative of his life. This lyrical American Western of self-discovery is infused with a European sensibility similar to Wim Wenders Paris, Texas with stand-out supporting performances by Connie Britton, Jason Mitchel and Gideon Adlon.

Hunter x Hunter: The Last Mission

March 05,2019

The Battle Olympia tournament at Heaven’s Arena is about to begin! Gon, Killua, Kurapika and Leorio plan on watching the matches along with the other Hunters and VIPs in attendance. As they wait, a raid by the Shadow ends the festivities. Skilled fighters fall one by one to their terrifying ability called On, a dark power derived from malice. When their leader Jed captures Netero and declares death to all Hunters in the name of vengeance, Gon and Killua rush to defeat him!

2019 MFF: Freaks

March 06,2019

Chloe (Lexy Kolker) is a seven-year-old girl barricaded inside her house with her paranoid, overprotective father (Emile Hirsch), who is convinced the world outside their doorstep lurks with overwhelming evils aiming to destroy them, which could include what may very well be the most creepy ice-cream truck operator in movie history, Mr. Snowcone (played by the great Bruce Dern). It soon becomes apparent that Chloe possesses some special gifts and plots to find a way to finally escape. The first feature film by co-directors Zach Lipovsky and Adam Stein, Freaks is a genre-bending psychological sci-fi thriller about a bold girl who discovers a bizarre, threatening and mysterious new world after escaping her father’s protective and paranoid control.

2019 MFF: Hurucan + The Rafter + HBO

March 06,2019

Alonso Santos is an aspiring mixed martial arts fighter struggling to make it to the pro circuit, while battling a devastating mental illness: Multiple Personality Disorder. His illness is defined by blackouts and the emergence of his violent, reckless alternate personality called “Huracán.” Alonso is encouraged by his court appointed therapist to understand the root of his illness by diving deep into the darkness of his childhood trauma, but he is pushed by his MMA coach to embrace Huracán’s hostility and aggression to achieve victory in the combat sports cage. The struggle to uncover the mystery of his trauma, and make it as a pro fighter, cripple his defense mechanisms, and allow Huracán the opportunity to accomplish things his own way — and risk destroying everything Alonso’s worked for. Huracán is a portrait of a trauma survivor, a fighter who refuses to let his illness define him and knows he might only have one more shot to turn his passion into a career and to escape a life in the system.

2019 MFF: Jasmines in Lidice

March 06,2019

Raúl has been gone for some time, but his mother Merche isn’t ready to let go just yet. She leaves his room the same way it has always been, his clothes are all still hanging in the closet, intact. She even ignores her daughters Anabel and Dayana when they urge her to leave the neighborhood she raised her children in, Lídice, due to the increasing levels of violence surrounding them. But when the whole family gets together to celebrate Dayana’s birthday, Raúl’s wife decides to join in, and what should have been a happy celebration soon takes a sour turn. When hurtful accusations are made and wounds that weren’t fully healed are torn open again, Jasmines in Lidice takes an emotional look into the deep sorrow and messy feelings of the ones who are left behind after violent death hits a family.

2019 MFF: Knock Down The House

March 06,2019

Today the Bronx Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a leading voice of progressives, after being elected in November. It’s hard to remember that a year ago, she was virtually unknown and considered such a long shot to win the Democratic primary that scarcely any press paid attention to her. It was during that time when filmmaker Rachel Lears started following Ocasio-Cortez and three other working class women running for political office. Lears captures Ocasio-Cortez when she’s still working as a bartender. She says, “They call it working class for a reason, because you are working non-stop.” We watch how she rises from obscurity to pull off one of the biggest political upsets of the year. The film documents that it wasn’t fluke but part of a fervent grassroots movement. As Ocasio-Cortez rises in prominence, this film will endure as a vital chronicle of her origin story.

2019 MFF: Last Street

March 06,2019

Chaos reigns in the Western area of Jamaica’s capital city, Kingston, and teenagers are killing each other for any little reason. These are the effects of the controversial extradition of Christopher “Dudus” Coke to the US in 2010, after being the leader of the area’s biggest drug gang for 18 years. Coke inherited his father’s drug business in 1992, and soon became a celebrated figure in West Kingston. Thus, it was only 18 years later that police was able to arrest him on drug charges and extradite him to the US — an event that shook the very foundation West Kingston was built on. At the core of the incremental bloodshed associated with drug trafficking, hyper masculinity and lack of gun control, a group of former gangsters from Denham Town, Coke’s previous stronghold, have taken it upon themselves to become violence interrupters. Last Street chronicles their attempt to put an end to the senseless cycle of violence they find themselves born into.

2019 MFF: Magic City Hustle

March 06,2019

After you’ve tasted glory in college football, what comes next? This film follows several former players for the Miami Hurricanes who get an unexpected chance to turn pro. Only it’s not playing football. The Magic City Casino is starting a new team of jai alai — the sport popular in Latin America and nearly extinct in the U.S. Due to an obscure Florida law, the casino needs jai alai to keep its license. We watch the former Canes try to adapt to the very different athletics of jai alai. It resembles racquet ball, only players wear long curved baskets (cestas) on their hands to hurl a goatskin ball against the wall at speeds up to 170 mph. To use a baseball metaphor, the players are more Bad News Bears than The Natural. But there’s a poignancy to their efforts. Filmmaker Billy Corben has a deep knowledge and affection for Miami characters, demonstrated in films from Cocaine Cowboys to The U to Screwball (also playing at the Festival). He uses the story of the Magic City team to explore our contemporary gig economy, where everyone needs a hustle. But only in Miami could you make jai alai your hustle.

2019 MFF: Rattlesnakes

March 06,2019

Robert McQueen (Jimmy-Jean Louis) is a Los Angeles therapist with a clientele exclusively of well-to-do women. On a his way to a regular appointment with a particularly unhappy married woman, Robert is ambushed and held hostage by three masked men. When the masks soon come off, his attackers turn out to be the husbands of his most regular clients, who accuse him of sleeping with their wives – an assertion he fervently denies, pleading for his innocence. In a last ditch, desperate attempt to change the three men’s minds, Robert reveals something else: a secret that will change their lives forever. But will it be enough to save his? Based on Graham Farrow‘s acclaimed play of the same name, director Julius Amedume’s Rattlesnakes is an impressive debut, subtly and skillfully marrying psychological thriller genre conventions with neo-noir elements that promise an adrenaline rush of the most satisfying kind.

2019 MFF: The Accused

March 06,2019

Dolores Dreier (Lali Espósito) is a typical fun-loving high school student – but when her best friend is brutally murdered and Dolores is accused of the crime, her carefree and privileged existence comes to a hard stop. As Dolores awaits trial, the sensationalistic, tabloid-type media coverage (with global star Gael García Bernal playing a TV talk show host with a particular interest in the case) seems to result in a pre-determined judgement by the court of public opinion. Dolores sequesters herself at home with her protective family closing ranks around her, but as murky evidence and her own hazy memories increase their substantial pressure, Dolores and her loving father Luis (veteran star Leonardo Sbaraglia, who nearly steals the movie) will have to face their own doubts about what really happened. Gonzalo Tobal’s second film is a tension-filled drama that looks critically at society’s morbid fascination with crime. During its development stage, The Accused was a recipient of the Miami Film 2016 Award, a financial support initiative of The Related Group and MDC’s Miami Film Festival, and we are proud to present the US premiere of this breathtaking achievement.

2019 MFF: Tremors

March 06,2019

In Guatemala City, the very ground the city is built on is a fragile and unreliable for its people. It shakes and destroys at will, often with catastrophic results. Under these circumstances, Guatemalans hold strongly onto their faith, the only stable thing they have ever known. Pablo is no different, a good Catholic man who has visited church all his life and is faithful to his wife Isa and their two beautiful children. But when he meets Francisco, immediately falls for him, a sin in the eyes of his church and his family. As Pablo battles his own internalized homophobia, he has to deal with his surroundings’ disgust at this discovery, too: he loses his job, the right to see his children, the support of his community. Encouraged by Isa and their Pastor, he starts attending conversion therapy, and soon enough, everything seems to be going back to normal — that is, until the ground starts trembling again. Following his award-winning tour-de-force Ixcanul, director Jayro Bustamante sets his sights on his native Guatemala once again to weave a delicate tale of deep-seated hatred and unwavering faith, where love is rejected and disowned if it doesn’t obey the laws of the church. A man risks losing his world to find himself, temblors much stronger than the ones in the ground threatening to turn his life and his faith to crumbles.

2019 MFF: Wandering Girl

March 06,2019

Two weeks after meeting her much older step-sisters for the first time, 12 year old Ángela is on a road trip across the country with them. Meeting on rather dire circumstances after the sudden death of their ne’er do well father, the only parent Ángela has ever known and stumped as to what to do with this little girl, the three sisters decide that Ángela should be taken to live with an aunt, over 900 miles away from everything she has ever known. As the four of them mourn a father they each saw in very different ways, from charismatic liar, to cheater and carer, the sisters share beds, clothes, food, and stories of lives so intertwined yet so far apart from each other. Through her sisters, Ángela is introduced to the world of womanhood, to the intimacy of bodies laying next to each other, to their safety and comfort. Heartwarming and kind to its core, Wandering Girl is a carefully crafted film about self-discovery at a difficult age, and under extraordinary circumstances.

MET: La Fille du Regiment ENCORE

March 06,2019

2019 MFF: Divine Love

March 07,2019

In a future Brazil of 2027, fundamental evangelicalism has become the prevailing influence on society. Civil servant Joanna leads a humble and devoted life, especially in the notary’s office she works at, where she has made it her mission to save couples who attempt to file for divorce by throwing bureaucratic roadblocks in their path. With her husband Danilo (Julio Machado), Joanna recruits unhappy couples into “Divine Love,” a spiritual group that promises spiritual solutions to the feelings of greatest lack. Even with the spiritual asceticism of the modern age, the famed carnality and extroverted exuberance of Brazilian culture must morph into new codes of expression. Gabriel Mascaro’s brilliant new film could not possibly arrive at a more precise and timely moment. As Brazil’s new leadership embarks on a drastic split with the recent past, the prospect of the unsettling reality of religious hegemony seems closer than ever. The entrancing, vibrant world Mascaro carefully crafts around Joanna leads her to question her innermost beliefs, ultimately confronting her with shocking new truths.

2019 MFF: Fireflies

March 07,2019

Ramin is a young Iranian man living and working illegally in the port city of Veracruz, Mexico. He longs to travel to Turkey to be closer to his native land and his secret boyfriend, but circumstances make it all but impossible. His nostalgia and melancholy are confronted with new relationships in Veracuz, and he slowly begins to recover his own desire for love and friendship. Fireflies is a powerful film about the harrowing consequences of exile and being perpetually cast in the role of otherness. Ramin’s dilemmas force him to own his situation and ultimately find a way to forge his true path, for perhaps the first time in his young life.

2019 MFF: Florianopolis Dream

March 07,2019

It’s family vacation time for Buenos Aires psychiatrist couple Lucrecia and Pedro and their teenage kids Julian and Florencia, and that means setting out on a road trip to the Brazilian resort of Florianópolis. Lucrecia and Pedro are contemplating a drastic change in their relationship, but not before going back to a place where they once experienced a romantic getaway–just at a time when their own offspring are ready to explore adult relationships of their own. Florianopolis Dream is a comic tale of first love, past lovers, fateful encounters and fleeting joys. Filmmaker Ana Katz demonstrates a powerful confidence in portraying the complexities of female experiences and family dynamics with empathy, care and warmth.

2019 MFF: Golden Youth

March 07,2019

Rose (Galatea Bellugi), 16, was abandoned by her parents when she was a child, but thankfully she has her fiancé Michel (Lukas Ionesco) by her side, who loves her as much as she loves him. Through their rose-tinted glasses, they see the Paris they move to as the most magical, exciting city on Earth: it’s the height of the Palace years, and they find themselves living alongside eccentrics, artists, and intellectuals. Rose and Michel can’t help but being swept up into the exuberance of their new friends’ lifestyles, full of extravagant parties and eternal nights. It’s at one of said parties that they meet Lucille and Hubert, a couple of bourgeois bohemians who take a liking to the young couple. Soon, an unusual relationship will develop between the four of them, blurring the lines between friendship, love, and sex more than they could have ever imagined. Reteaming with Isabelle Huppert (recipient of the prestigious Precious Gem Icon Award at the 2018 Miami Film Festival) after the grand success of their first collaboration, The Little Princess (2011), Eva Ionesco imbues the screen with all the magic and joie-de-vivre of 1970s Paris, a time of freedoms, ideals, and dreams that back then seemed untouchable. Full of autobiographical elements and period details to swoon over, Golden Youth is a celebration of the most beautiful parts of being young and in love.

2019 MFF: In The Aisles

March 07,2019

Two of Germany’s most wonderful new actors, Franz Rogowski (Transit) and Sandra Hüller (Toni Erdmann), light up this wistful romantic comedy with high-wattage chemistry in the most unlikely of settings — the gray show floor and break rooms of a big-box, discount grocery superstore. Socially awkward young Christian (Rogowski) manages to land himself a lowly job as a forklift operator in seemingly endless aisles of enormous warehouses. He soon notices Marion (Hüller) in the confectionary section — despite her barbed and prickly humor, Christian senses an inner loneliness that he can relate to. He soon falls in love with her, something the entire superstore staff is quick to notice, but Marion is married — even if rumor has it that the marriage is an unhappy Marion. When she unexpectedly goes on sick leave, Christian feels his old personal demons creeping back and pulling him into a black hole that threatens his precarious new stability. In the Aisles, a sweet, delicate love story, opens a door to the working lives of the people in the Eastern German provinces, a place bound to its past, but with big dreams, hopes, and desires for a brighter future. Director Thomas Stuber transforms a simple story about the everyday into a hopeful, tender contemplation on the grandeur of human life.

2019 MFF: Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool

March 07,2019

Jazz trumpet player and composer Miles Davis was one of the most influential musicians of the 20th Century. Starting with his 1957 breakthrough album Birth of the Cool, he never stopped innovating all the way until his death in 1991. This wide-ranging biography maintains an admirable balance in probing his artistic highs and his personal lows. Filmmaker Stanley Nelson has a long track record of documenting African-American history, including his major work The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution that demonstrated his ability to navigate highly contested and complicated subject matter. Nelson puts those skills to great use, covering Davis’ recording career along with his marriages and struggles with addiction that included a five year hiatus from performing. Nelson interviews friends and colleagues close to Davis as well as writers who eloquently put him in a historical context. The rich archival footage and careful selection of Davis’s music will deepen your appreciation whether you’re an old fan or a newcomer.

2019 MFF: The Mamboniks

March 07,2019

Mad Men meets Buena Vista Social Club in this surprising story about the dancers who fell in love with Cuban Mambo in the 1950s, sparking a dance craze that swept the nation and the world. Like the Beatniks of the era, the Mambo’s fervent fans earned a hip nickname: The Mamboniks. Set in Havana, Miami Beach and New York, this fun and upbeat documentary features a lovable, somewhat zany collection of dancers, musicians, disc jockeys, club owners and record company moguls. Lex Gillespie’s The Mamboniks is the first documentary to tell the story of the musical and dance invasion that came from Cuba in the years preceding Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution of 1959.

2019 MFF: The Nightingale

March 07,2019

With The Babadook, Jennifer Kent brought us an instant horror classic that used a storybook monster as a vessel to explore the repression of grief and the horrors of motherhood. In her highly anticipated follow-up The Nightingale, Kent once again explores the traumas the change us in her brutal tale of revenge. Taking place in 1825 Tasmania, Clare is a young convict who finds her world shattered after a British officer (Sam Claflin) commits a shocking act of brutality against her family. With the help of an Aboriginal tracker whose life has also been touched by extreme violence, the two set out on a journey through the Tasmanian wilderness hell-bent on vengeance. Winner of the Special Jury Prize at the 2018 Venice Film Festival, Kent’s latest uses a feminist lens for a no-holds-barred look at violence, and the reverberating impact it has on the world.

2019 MFF: What She Said: The Art of Pauline Kael

March 07,2019

With a voice that stood out for its personal, innovative approach to film, and incisive, eye-opening opinions that often strongly differed from those of her peers and readers, Pauline Kael was a force of nature. As film critic for The New Yorker from 1968 to 1991, her controversial opinions made her a divisive personality, but her writing nevertheless had a monumental influence on film criticism and American culture at large. To this day, she is quoted as an inspiration to many, pioneering a critical style that is still widely influential. 2019 marks Pauline Kael’s centenary, and what better way to honor her extraordinary life than through the art form she loved with such fervor? In this fantastic documentary, we take a peek into not only 20th century movie culture through her writing, but are also shown Pauline’s life through the very movies she wrote about so passionately. Featuring new interviews with Paul Schrader, David Edelstein, David O. Russell, Quentin Tarantino, and Alec Baldwin, and with Sarah Jessica Parker lending her voice to read Kael’s personal writings and letters, What She Said: The Art of Pauline Kael is a remarkable love letter to one of the most influential voices of American film writing in the 20th century.

Captain Marvel

March 07,2019

Carol Danvers becomes one of the universe's most powerful heroes when Earth is caught in the middle of a galactic war between two alien races.

2019 MFF: 303

March 08,2019

Young biology student Jule sets out on a road trip from Berlin to confront a flaky boyfriend in Portugal, driving the only vehicle available: her family’s rusty old 303 campervan. Along the way she picks up hitchhiker Jan, but instead of gaining a pleasant conversational companion, she finds that Jan’s world view completely contradicts her own beliefs about human nature. While having intense conversations about anything and everything, Jule and Jan grapple with both the literal road ahead and the future stretching out before them. 303 is a joyful surprise–a light-on-its-feet-comedy that isn’t afraid to address the serious challenges facing the newest generation of twentysomethings–and German audiences responded by making it one of 2018’s biggest domestic box office hits.

2019 MFF: Acting Workshop with Yara Martinez

March 08,2019

On this hands-on workshop, Jane the Virgin‘s own Yara Martinez will share the technique that has turned her performance of Dr. Luisa Alvar into one of the show’s most consistently funny and heartfelt characters. With over a decade of acting experience under her belt, and at the Festival with her latest performance in a feature film, Huracán (d. Cassius Corrigan), she is going to be a treasure trove of insights and tips for this workshop’s selected group of 12 emerging actresses and actors. Yara will conduct acting exercises for TV and Film, focusing on practical on-camera tips. If you are building a career on acting, this is an experience that can’t be missed.

2019 MFF: HBO Ibero-American Short Film Award

March 08,2019

EXCEPTIONAL SPANISH-LANGUAGE SHORT FILMS COMPETING FOR A JURIED AWARD OF $5,000 CASH, COURTESY OF HBO. Shorts included: A fishes' recall, Fragile, Lucy, This is Your Cuba, Vaca, Where Chaos Reigns (honorary mention).

2019 MFF: Is That You?

March 08,2019

Is That You? is the first psychological horror film to be made in and about Cuba. Directed by Rudy Riverón Sánchez, a Cuban filmmaker now living in Leeds, UK, this impressive debut features a confident atmosphere and a spooky sense of the rot of trapped lives. 13-year old Lili lives with her parents in a modest shack in the Cuban countryside. Her father, Eduardo, is the undisputed ruler of the house, forcing his wife and daughter to live a meager, suffocating life under his unequivocal authority. But when he suddenly goes missing one day, Lili feels lost. Instead of the newfound freedom his absence should grant the family he left behind, Lili doesn’t know how to live her life without the influence of her monstrous father around. In an act of desperation, Lili carries out a spiritual ritual in the hopes of bringing him back – but something goes terribly wrong and the girl’s life is turned into a nightmare, leading her to uncover a disturbing truth about her father’s disappearance.

2019 MFF: Roads In February

March 08,2019

Sarah, a young woman raised in Canada by her Uruguayan immigrant parents, leaves the cold Montreal winter to seek out her roots, after her father’s untimely death. In Uruguay, a country she has never been to, Sarah is taken in by her maternal grandmother Magda, who is not overjoyed to meet Sarah. The mysteries of her parents’ past becomes a riddle that Sarah must solve as she comes to terms with the deep differences between the village of her childhood fantasies and the reality of a place that seems cemented in a past that no longer exists. Roads in February tenderly observes a girl’s struggles to understand old resentments and hidden secrets in her family history in the heat of the Uruguayan summer. This Canadian-Urugayan production is one of the finest debuts of the year in both countries.

2019 MFF: Shorts 3

March 08,2019

Short films included: Diva & Astro, How I Got to the Moon By Subway, Nocturnal Creatures, Raymonde or the Vertical Escape, Shadow Cut, Six Degrees of Immigration, Val.

2019 MFF: The Harvesters

March 08,2019

With a powerful new voice, a first-time Greek-African filmmaker explores sexuality, religion and masculinity in the deep South African countryside. Two teenage boys start a dangerous fight for power, heritage and parental love that will change both of their lives forever. Religion and field work are the guiding principles of their conservative farming community, where strength and masculinity are valued above all else. In this repressive environment, Janno keeps his feelings to himself. One day his mother brings home Pieter, a hardened street orphan she wants to save, and asks Janno to treat this stranger as his new brother. But Pieter does not want to be saved…

2019 MFF: Ash is Purest White

March 09,2019

Qiao (Miami Film Festival 2015 Knight Best Performance winner Zhao Tao) is devoted to her mobster lover, Bin (Liao Fan). During a fight between rival gangs, she fires a gun to protect him and ends up spending five years in prison for her act of loyalty. In his latest time-spanning epic, Jia Zhang-Ke fuses his renowned contemplative texture with genre elements to create a big-budget gangster tale of striking majesty, further consolidating his position as one of China’s greatest living filmmakers.

2019 MFF: Kenbe Fem

March 09,2019

In Haitian culture, the phrase “kenbe fem” is heard often, and with reason: it means “to hold firm,” and it speaks of the resilience Haitian communities have developed over two centuries. “Kenbe fem” became especially relevant in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake on January 12, 2010, when more than 250,000 people perished and thousands lost their homes and livelihoods. In this powerful documentary, art gallery owner and entrepreneur David Pierre-Louis, a Haitian-American living in Seattle, travels to Haiti looking for his mother after the earthquake hit the island. Deeply dissatisfied with the work put forward by the Haitian government and international NGOs, David takes matters into his own hands and rebuilds his mother’s house, Kay Tita, or “Tita’s House,” transforming it into a community center that provides immediate access to resources for those affected by the earthquake. Kenbe Fem: A Haitian Story of Survival, Unity & Strength demonstrates how hope can be built through profound conviction and hard, communal work.

2019 MFF: Perro Bomba

March 09,2019

Steevens is a young Haitian living an uneasy but somewhat stable life in Santiago de Chile: he has a construction job, a home, friends and fun. This precariously balanced life is disrupted when Junior, a childhood friend, arrives in Chile seeking assistance from Steevens to establish himself, even though he has entered Chile illegally. Initially, Steevens does everything to support his friend and even gets him a job with his employer, but Junior’s volatile character erupts racial tensions and stokes a large anti-immigration sentiment in the city. Steveens loses his working documents and his home, and is left to wander the city looking for a chance to restart his life beyond the margins of society.

2019 MFF: Producing In Florida And Beyond

March 09,2019

The “Producing in Florida and Beyond” seventh edition SOUND IN FILM MASTERCLASS 2, in conjunction with CineVisun and the BFMG, will focus on music composition, sound design, voice over, legal (working with contracts, mechanical licenses, securing rights) and scoring music for your production. The “Producing in Florida and Beyond” panels have covered project development from pre-production to post production, marketing, finance, legal, equipment, distribution and more. The panel will feature some of the most respected industry experts and artists and will be highlighted by Emmy Award winning composer Carlos Rafael García for his work on the Netflix series Godless; one of the top entertainment attorneys in Florida, David Bercuson, who represents artists such as Luis Fonsi, Flo Rida, Trina (from VH1’s Love and Hip Hop), KC and the Sunshine Band; Gil Green, filmmaker of the short “Who Is Lou Gehrig?” which premiered at the Miami Film Festival in 2016 and is one of the biggest music video directors in the world; and sound designer Justin Trieger.

2019 MFF: Sorry Angel

March 09,2019

It’s the 1990s and Jacques (Pierre Deladonchamps) is a solitary writer living in Paris. He hasn’t even turned 40, but already mistrusts that the best in life is yet to come. Arthur (Vincent Lacoste) is a student living in Rennes, a provincial city in Brittany, who refuses to think that everything in life might not be possible. When Jacques travels to Rennes as a guest of a local theater company that is producing one of his plays, he meets young Arthur, and they begin a wistful affair. Christophe Honoré’s elegant film is awash in the theme of blue. The color is found in every single shot in the movie, creating a magnificent tapestry that evokes — what else? — the blues. A sweet and wistful portrait of two men who will come together as unlikely lovers, finding solace in each other as they navigate illness, desire, adulthood and the passing of time after the kind of fateful meeting that changes the courses of lives.

2019 MFF: Standing Among The Living

March 09,2019

Guided by the fear of his present being forgotten, and tired of outside voices being the only ones telling his home country’s history, Tyson Conteh decided not to let history repeat itself. Living in Sierra Leone, he was experiencing the Ebola outbreak first-hand: the pain, the deaths of family and friends, the grief, the destructive nature of tragedies that tear whole communities apart. As one of the only people with access to a film camera, and with his mind set on a mission, Tyson filmed his way through Makeni, one of the largest cities in Sierra Leone, capturing the harrowing effects of sickness on his community and the lives around him.

2019 MFF: Ask Dr.Ruth

March 10,2019

Dr. Ruth Westheimer may be 90 years old, but she’s lost none of her energy, humor or candor on sexuality. This delightful documentary traces her remarkable life, keeping up with her current activities as she reflects on her personal history. Growing up a German Jew in the Nazi era, she was saved by the Kindertransport while her parents perished. After the war, she moved to British-controlled Mandatory Palestine where she trained as a sniper with the Jewish paramilitary Haganah. She moved to the U.S. in the 1950s and began her media career in 1980 with the radio show Sexually Speaking. For decades, Dr Ruth was a fixture on radio and television, dispensing frank sexual advice to a mass audience. The film captures how much her work meant to ordinary people confused about their sexuality and lacking other input. In the film, Dr. Ruth says, “There is no such thing as retiring for me. I have an obligation to live large and make a dent in this world. At 90, still talking about sex from morning to night.”

2019 MFF: Bunuel In The Labyrinth Of The Turtles

March 10,2019

Luis Buñuel, the most iconic and provocative Spanish filmmaker of all time, pushed conventional boundaries from the very start of his career. Censors and outraged conservatives threatened to block him from making films when he had scarcely begun; but Buñuel’s mighty voice was not a talent that could be silenced. In 1933, he travelled to a remote rural area of Spain to make an infamous short documentary, “Las Hurdes,” aka “Land Without Bread,” capturing the customs of a people who lived in a land that time had forgotten — banned upon release by the Spanish government. Much has been made of the production of “Las Hurdes,” but nothing has come close to capturing the essence of Buñuel’s life and work during that period as Salvador Simó’s astonishing new film, Buñuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles, a wonderfully crafted adult animated feature. Simó skillfully narrates this period in Buñuel’s life as he mixes known biographical details, dreams, childhood memories, and failed relationships in a colorful, surreal, and provocative film that, much like its subject, doesn’t shy away from breaking the rules of “reality.”

2019 MFF: Errol Flynn's Ghost: Hollywood in Havana

March 10,2019

Cuba’s pre-revolution obsession with Hollywood cinema in the first half of the 20th century led Havana to create some of the most majestic movie palaces of their time in the Americas, where millions of Cubans spent their evenings gazing at the silver screen stars of yesteryear. One of those stars, Errol Flynn, Hollywood’s most famous swashbuckler, traveled to Cuba in late 1958 as he struggled to overcome his alcoholism and stage a Hollywood comeback, but instead found himself in the middle of a real-life adventure more improbable than the plot of any film he ever made: recklessly endorsing the rhetoric of Fidel Castro and the soon-to-come revolution. Flynn self-produced a disastrous B-movie, Cuban Rebel Girls, and died soon afterwards. Miami filmmaker Gaspar González finds in Flynn’s sad demise a fitting parallel to the end of Hollywood glamor in the Havana movie palaces. Although many of the great Havana movie houses are still standing, they are haunted by their long-gone heydays. With a detailed and careful eye, González reflects on the remnants of a film culture that so deeply affected and defined a nation’s collective memory.

2019 MFF: Mike Wallace is Here

March 10,2019

Mike Wallace lived his life on television, starting out in the 50s as a host of game shows and late night TV, before gaining fame as a tough interviewer for 60 Minutes from its start in 1968. Director Avi Belkin gains access to the deep archives of Wallace’s work including never before seen outtakes from 60 Minutes. He uses this treasure trove to create a unique biographical portrait of the harsh interrogator who often resisted being asked questions himself. In different interviews, we see him dodge questions, then gradually open up about the most vulnerable parts of his life including the death of his teenage son and his own bouts of depression and suicidal thoughts. The film also serves as a history of television journalism over the past 50 years, as we watch Wallace engage with a cavalcade of politicians, celebrities and other newsmakers. Wallace is riveting every minute he’s on screen which is every minute of this film.

2019 MFF: Silence of Others

March 10,2019

The Silence of Others reveals an ongoing struggle of victims of Spain’s 40-year dictatorship under General Franco, who wielded gargantuan power and influence over all areas of Spanish society from 1935-1975. A 1977 general Amnesty law passed by the Spanish parliament decreed that there would be no persecution of individuals for crimes committed during the Civil War or years of Franco’s dictatorship, as a means of forging ahead with a new, democratic Spain. Yet for some Spanish citizens, the wounds of the past cannot heal without a greater sense of justice and closure. Over the span of six years, award-winning documentarians Almudena Carracedo and Robert Bahar follow survivors of the dictatorship as they explore legal challenges to the 1977 law, revealing a country still grappling with the legacy of terror, even after four decades of democracy. Executive Produced by Pedro Almodóvar, Agustín Almodóvar, and Esther García, and winner of the Berlinale Panorama Audience Award and Berlinale Peace Film Prize, The Silence of Others connects with a collective fear that those who forget history may be doomed to repeat it.

2019 MFF: The Trouble With You

March 10,2019

A rip-roaring film full of twists and turns, The Trouble with You knows how to maintain a perfect balance between sweetness and fun. Yvonne, a young police detective in a town on the French Riviera, is shocked to find out her late husband, the beloved captain Santi, wasn’t in fact the heroic cop she believed him to be: He was involved in crooked business and regularly framed suspects, sending them to prison unfairly. Soon enough, she decides to right his wrongs and meets Antoine along the way, one of her husband’s victims. As Yvonne tries to help him get back to his life and his wife, a series of spectacular events will change the course of both their lives forever. Add to that the fantastic on-screen chemistry between leads Adèle Haenel (as Yvonne) and Pio Marmaï (as Antoine), and you’ve got yourself one of the most exciting, high-calibre French comedies of the year.

Doctor Who: Logopolis

March 13,2019

It's a Doctor Who classic fan favorite, in celebration of the upcoming Blu-Ray release Tom Baker's complete seventh season on Doctor Who! BBC Studios and Fathom Events are giving audiences the chance to see Tom Baker's 100-minute final adventure, "Logopolis," featuring the first appearance of Janet Fielding as companion Teegan, Anthony Ainley as the Doctor's archenemy The Master, and the regeneration of Fourth Doctor Tom Baker into Fifth Doctor Peter Davison! Fans won't want to miss this one-of-a-kind screening that will also feature a brand new interview with Tom Baker and “Logopolis” companions Janet Fielding and Sarah Sutton.

Fate/stay night [Heaven's Feel] II. lost butterfly

March 14,2019

Fate/stay night [Heaven's Feel] II. lost butterfly is the latest installment of the beloved Fate series by TYPE-MOON. Audiences have been waiting for the dramatic and emotional second part of the [Heaven’s Feel] trilogy as our heroes fight for the Holy Grail.

Captive State

March 15,2019

Set in a Chicago neighborhood nearly a decade after an occupation by an extra-terrestrial force, Captive State explores the lives on both sides of the conflict - the collaborators and dissidents.

Five Feet Apart

March 15,2019

A pair of teenagers with life-threatening illnesses meet in a hospital and fall in love.


March 15,2019

A mother and father take their kids to their beach house, expecting to enjoy time with friends, but their serenity turns to tension and chaos when some visitors arrive uninvited.

Wonder Park

March 15,2019

Wonder Park tells the story of a magnificent amusement park where the imagination of a wildly creative girl named June comes alive.

The Informer

March 22,2019

An ex-convict working undercover intentionally gets himself incarcerated again in order to infiltrate the mob at a maximum security prison.

Where'd You Go, Bernadette

March 22,2019

After her anxiety-ridden mother disappears, 15-year-old Bee does everything she can to track her down, discovering her troubled past in the process.

Diana Ross: Her Life, Love and Legacy

March 26,2019

The magic of Diana Ross has touched millions of hearts around the world. Her magnificent life and unparalleled career have influenced music, film, fashion and stage with her spirit forever woven in the fabric of humanity. 2019 will be remembered as a milestone in history with a year-long Diamond Diana Celebration, marking the 75th birthday of one of the greatest entertainers of all time. Diana Ross: Live in Central Park was originally directed by the award-winning Steve Binder, who along with Diana put together a presentation that will feature never-before-seen footage, the best of the Central Park concert and inspired, heartfelt messages from the Ross family, including sons Ross and Evan and daughters Rhonda and Chudney, with Tracee Ellis Ross delivering a passionate introduction to the presentation capturing the magnitude of the event.


March 29,2019

A young elephant, whose oversized ears enable him to fly, helps save a struggling circus, but when the circus plans a new venture, Dumbo and his friends discover dark secrets beneath its shiny veneer.

MET: Die Walkure

March 30,2019

MET: Die Walkure ENCORE

April 03,2019

The Man Who Killed Don Quixote

April 10,2019

Avengers: Endgame

April 26,2019

Plot is unknown.

Pokemon Detective Pikachu

May 10,2019

In a world where people collect Pokémon to do battle, a boy comes across an intelligent talking Pikachu who seeks to be a detective.

MET: Dialogues de Carmelites

May 11,2019

MET: Dialogues de Carmelites ENCORE

May 15,2019

John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum

May 17,2019

Super-Assassin John Wick (Keanu Reeves) is on the run after killing a member of the international assassin's guild, and with a $14 million price tag on his head - he is the target of hit men and women everywhere.


May 24,2019

A live-action retelling of the 1992 Disney film of the same name.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

May 31,2019

The crypto-zoological agency Monarch faces off against a battery of god-sized monsters, including the mighty Godzilla, who collides with Mothra, Rodan, and his ultimate nemesis, the three-headed King Ghidorah.

Men In Black: International

June 14,2019

The Men in Black have always protected the Earth from the scum of the universe. In this new adventure, they tackle their biggest threat to date: a mole in the Men in Black organization.

Child's Play

June 21,2019

A mother gives her son a toy doll for his birthday, unaware of its more sinister nature.

Toy Story 4

June 21,2019

When a new toy called "Forky" joins Woody and the gang, a road trip alongside old and new friends reveals how big the world can be for a toy.

The Lion King

July 19,2019

CGI re-imagining of the 1994 Disney classic.

2019 MFF: Dogman

August 10,2019

In the outskirts of a seaside Italian village, the only law seems to be survival of the fittest. Marcello is a slight, mild-mannered man whose days consist of working at his modest dog grooming salon, caring for his young daughter, and being coerced into the petty criminal schemes of local bully Simoncino. When Simoncino’s abuse finally brings Marcello to a breaking point, he decides to stand up for his own dignity, but being inexperienced in acts of passion, Marcello’s deeds bring unintended and shocking consequences. The excellent performance of Marcello Fonte in the lead role won him the Best Actor Award at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival. Based on a true story, Dogman is a visceral and piercing tale of the unbreakable cycle of vengeance begetting vengeance.